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Our Business – Explained

icon-large-2Ryridge Pty Ltd was incorporated in 2004 as a small internet business with a passion for technology.

At our core we are a web development company. Building websites and providing web solutions like domain name registrations and website hosting.

Part of our web strategy, is not only to build sites for clients, but to build sites for ourselves and monetise them. We then use this revenue to explore new technologies and develop new projects.

These days, after ensuring our clients are serviced, we spend out time researching and programming Arduino, and home automation.

We blog our company projects along with tips and trick that we think would help others.

Web Development

One of our main business activities is web development. We have been developing websites and web systems for over a decade. We develop for clients as well as for ourselves.

We are up to date with all technologies including HTML5 and responsive designs. These days, all sites should be suitable for viewing on mobile devices and we ensure this happens for our clients projects.

The sites we develop for ourselves are for monetising. And we use the revenue to fund other projects and this website. You can see our sites under the portfolio section.

Hosting & Domains

We offer clients a full range of web services, including domain names and website hosting.

We are economical, and have fantastic support. Specialising in .com.au domain names.

Our web services are tied in closely to our web development, and we like to provide our customers with a total solution. That way, our clients just have one place to look if they have any issues.

Other products include Email Hosting, SSL Certificates, VPS Servers and More.

Client Support

Ryridge prides itself on support.

We do not offer our services to thousands of people. We only maintain a small number of clients so we are able to give them the support they need.

24/7 support is offered to our clients to ensure they are always up and running and have exactly what they need to keep their business running smoothly.

We also support our clients during the setup and development phases of their projects. We believe in open and honest communication, and we strive to keep our clients informed every step of the way.


We spend a lot of time developing with Arduino.

It has opened up a world of possibilities. We use Arduino to build real world solutions at economical prices.

Arduino is a mini computer, that you load up with a program via usb. Once it is loaded, you can disconnect it from your PC and use it on a stand alone project. For example, we are currently working on a camera slider, where the camera moves slightly in between photos.

If you aren’t familial with Arduino, and enjoy technology, we encourage you to check it out.


Photography developed due to necessity, however, it turned out to be a passion of ours.

We started photography due to the increasing need for images on the websites we were developing, and before long, we started taking photos and using them to create traffic and revenue.

Apart from product photography on websites, we enjoy landscape and cityscape photography. As well as converting those photos into timelapses and hyperlapses.

These days, you will see our photography end up here in our blog. We hope you enjoy.

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